Life can be so busy and hectic that we often do not have time to appreciate those that we love. What a better oppportunity than to organize a family portrait session to capture the faces and expressions of those near and dear to us. Whether you are a family of two, or a family of 10, there is no better time than today to schedule your session.

Maternity, baby, children, and family portrait sessions can be done at our Sunnyvale studio, at your home, or at a nearby outdoor location. The choice depends primarily on the "look" that you prefer.

Studio portraits can achieve a very "commercial" look with the use of studio lighting, and most poses are carefully determined to give it a definitive portrait look. The studio session will tend to be shorter since the lighting/background setup is already in place.

Portraits done at your home or at an outdoor location will yield a more "lifestyle" look. These images are often more casual, and the session will result in more images taken due to the availability of space and background. There is less predictability in these sessions because of weather, lighting, and location limitations.

Whichever you choose, be sure to look at our wide range of products with which you can display your portrait images!



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